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The choice is clear – do you want a lawyer or a lobbyist for Attorney General? Greg Stumbo has tried hundreds of cases all across Kentucky and practiced law at the highest levels. In his first term as Attorney General, Greg Stumbo exposed government corruption, held the big drug companies accountable and cracked down on crimes against children and the elderly. Greg Stumbo has the legal and courtroom experience Kentuckians need and deserve.

In stark contrast, Greg’s opponent was handpicked by Mitch McConnell. He has never prosecuted a case or represented a client in court – in his life. While thousands of Kentuckians were dying from opioids Greg’s opponent pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars as a lobbyist for the opioid makers. Kentuckians deserve an Attorney General who will fight for them, not the big drug companies or corporate special interests.

As your next Attorney General, Greg Stumbo will continue fighting for justice – fighting for teachers, children, the elderly and Kentucky’s working families who deserve equal and just treatment under the law. As Attorney General, Greg Stumbo will be the people’s lawyer. Vote Greg Stumbo for Kentucky’s next Attorney General.

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