Greg Stumbo attended the annual Breakfast of Champions hosted by State Representative Joni Jenkins of Jefferson County. The breakfast is a chance to bring all the Democrats on the ballot together for an event open to the public, allowing voters to hear directly from the candidates days before the primary election.

As an unopposed candidate in the May 21st primary, Stumbo took the opportunity to speak to the crowd to thank all the Democratic candidates for running and to thank everyone at the event for getting involved and being engaged with this important election.

“We’re going to have a strong ticket up and down the ballot come November, and together we’re going to win this election and bring respect and integrity back to Frankfort on behalf of the people of Kentucky.” Stumbo roused the crowd with a tone of unity and focus for the general election.

Stumbo also took the opportunity to speak about the primary reason he’s running for his old job. “I was the first state Attorney General in the nation to sue Purdue Pharma because I saw what they were doing to our state and our communities early on. The big drug manufacturers and distributors have decimated Kentucky families. If I were to ask everyone in this room to raise their hand if someone in their family, in their church or in their community has been affected by this opioid crisis, every hand in the room would go up – including mine. These corporate criminals have not been held to enough account, and it’s my mission to do that by making them face a jury right here in Kentucky courts. I’m going to make them pay.”

Many of the Democratic candidates were present for the event, which is hosted annually by State Representative Joni Jenkins, a leader for Kentuckians in Frankfort for over two decades. The breakfast was held at the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department in Louisville, Kentucky.

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