It’s clear that the race for Kentucky’s next Attorney General is about two things – experience, and the commitment to challenge the big opioid companies. Greg Stumbo has both in spades while his opponent does not.

In a newly released ad titled “Experience”, Greg Stumbo’s decades of public service and legal experience defending Kentuckians in the courts takes center stage. Stumbo is the only candidate in the race for Attorney General with prosecutorial, courtroom, and trial attorney experience – skills that are vital to running the office the way it should. Stumbo’s opponent, by contrast, has never tried a case in his life. The extent of his legal experience – in his own words – has been a “domestic violence order and [taking] a deposition.”

“Experience” focuses on Stumbo’s over thirty years of experience, including his first term as Attorney General – when he cracked down on crimes against children and the elderly, exposed government corruption, and made history as the first Attorney General in the nation to successfully sue Purdue Pharma.

A second ad titled “The Walk” highlights Greg Stumbo’s commitment to making the opioid manufacturers and distributors pay for dealing death to Kentuckians to make billions in profit for themselves. The story centers on Stumbo’s cousin who was taken by the opioid crisis five years ago. For him, the opioid crisis is personal. While this crisis has raged in Kentucky, Stumbo’s opponent has worked as a lobbyist for a law firm that defends the opioid companies against Kentuckians. Beyond that, many of the lobbyists for these companies have donated tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign – a blatant conflict of interests.

“Far too many Kentucky families like mine have lost a loved one to this opioid epidemic, and I’m sick of it,” Stumbo says in the ad, highlighting his deep commitment to getting justice for Kentucky families from these greedy, immoral corporations. This has been a main focus of Stumbo’s platform from the beginning of this race – ensuring that the pending cases against opioid manufacturers and distributors are seen through by a practiced and experienced trial attorney. Greg Stumbo is the only candidate for Attorney General with any trial attorney experience.

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